Project Objectives

Accurate and timely operational forecast of sea currents and of the physical properties of the marine environment is very important in assisting major activities in the open and coastal seas, such as sustainable management of the marine resources, protection of the marine environment, and reduction of the impact from potential environmental threads.

Ocean forecasting models are computationally expensive applications because of the large time and space scales involved. The need for higher resolution information for operational ocean applications cannot be satisfied adequately in near real time by the existing forecasting software. A relative low cost but quite effective solution is to parallelize the existing ocean forecasting codes and then run them on parallel computers.

The proposal is multidisciplinary aiming to provide a novel, flexible and expandable software framework and tools for optimal forecasting and sustainable management of marine ecosystems in the broader sea region of Cyprus, in the Eastern Mediterranean Levantine Basin. It combines issues related to high performance computing with the Natural Environment (coastal and marine ecosystems sustainable development and management). As such it falls under the objectives of the Natural Environment Action (Sustainable Development Programme).

The combination of parallel computational technologies with coastal ocean forecasting models and submodels will create a potent digital laboratory for continuous research and technology development in operational ocean forecasting. The results of the project will ensure the application at large range of processes and configurations and enable the operationality of the ocean systems involved in the project as well as the flexibility and value of the products.

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