Understanding and forecasting seawater movements and properties is of major importance in many human operations and activities in the open sea and coastal areas. The practical real-time benefits of operational oceanography also bring improved understanding of environmental conditions and change at many levels. These operational activities imply a close attention to marine conditions on a daily basis over a period of years and from basin scales down to coastal scales. The development of operational ocean monitoring and forecasting systems on global, regional, sub-regional and local scales will support, among others, a better management of the marine environment and will assist end users in their decisions for protecting and reducing the environmental problems that may arise from the various economic activities in the marine sector.
Ocean forecasting models are computationally expensive applications. The wide range of space and time scales involved in oceanic studies and operational oceanography applications require large computing resources that can be met by parallel machines. This is enhanced by the increasing resolution needs for operational applications and the different nesting techniques applied. The development and implementation of a parallel numerical hydrodynamic code for the Eastern Mediterranean Levantine Sea will benefit the operational Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting System because results of higher resolution will be obtained in reasonable times. Additionally, the parallel hydrodynamic code will not be hampered by the limitations of the current serial system and will allow for the inclusion and better description of physical phenomena which are most important for accurate oceanographic forecasting. The results of the project will ensure the application at large range of processes and configurations and enable the operationality of the ocean systems involved in the project as well as the flexibility and value of the products.

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