WP4: Integration of End-User Applications

EXA HPC will lead this work package in collaboration with Oceanography Center, University of Cyprus and Ocena Physics and Modeling Group, University of Athens. Current end-user applications will be integrated into the new parallel coastal ocean forecasting software. This will be done primarily by the host organization in collaboration with EXA-HPC, UOA-IASA, and CY-JRCC (primarily responsible for evaluating the integrated system). Based on an initial analysis, it may be that only some core applications will be integrated during the project time span. Work will ensure that the necessary tools/API are in place to allow for the integration of other current, or yet to be developed, applications at a later date. UOA-IASA will also contribute already developed successful modules to the modular system developed in WP3. The UOA-IASA group will provide the new numerical schemes implemented in the operational system and implement the parallel code to the Eastern Levantine Basin and other domains (and its nested model) in operational mode experiments of the system and data provision to the nested higher-resolution models (eg. NAEG).

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