WP3: Development and Implementation

EXA High Performance Computing Ltd. will lead this work package under the scientific guidance of the Oceanography Center at University of Cyprus and the Ocean Physics and Modeling Group at University of Athens. The primary objective of this Work Package is the development, implementation, and evaluation of the parallel Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting System.

The first goal is to produce a distributed memory parallel code based on the Message Passing Interface (MPI) paradigm. Firstly, the underlying mesh of the domain will be partitioned among processors. Then each processor will work on the numerical model based on domain decomposition techniques where the model for the internal domain is produced accurately but the model for the interface among processors is given iteratively. Once the MPI based model is produced, the teams will then further optimize the software code. The validation of the parallel software will be done by comparing its results with the existing serial version for some chosen benchmark cases. The metrics used to compare the results will be the speedup of the parallel version compared to the serial version when computing the forecasts on the same domain; improvement in forecast resolution for a given domain size; increase in domain size for a chosen resolution; etc. When possible, the software results will also be compared with actual field measurements.

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