D1 Kickoff Meeting Minutes
D2 6-month Report (months 1 to 6)
D3 Mid-term Progress Report
D4 Mid-term Coordination Meeting Minutes
D5 6-month  Report (months 12 to 18)
D6 Final Progress Report
D7 Final Coordination Meeting Minutes
D8 Project Website and End-User Service Portal
D9 Outreach on the new Ocean Forecasting System and end-user application in local newspapers and other media
D10 Journal paper with the results of WP3 (parallelization)
D11 Journal paper with the results of WP4 (end user applications)
D12 Presentation in an International HPC Conference (results of WP3, parallelization)
D13 Presentation in an International Oceanography Conference (results of WP4, end-user applications)
D14 Information Day in Cyprus
D15 HPC system functional specifications
D16 HPC system software
D17 End-user applications functional specifications
D18 Integrated HPC software and end-user applications
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