MEDSLIK Model Features

The main features of the MEDSLIK oil spill model are:

  • Inclusion of built-in database with 240 different oil types characteristics, provided by REMPEC.
  • Switching from coarse to high resolution ocean forecasting data, when the oil slick passes from a coarse to a higher resolution domain.
  • Assimilation of oil slick observations, from in-situ or aerial, to correct the predictions, if needed.
  • Examination of the effect of deployment of oil booms and/or oil skimmers/dispersants.
  • Modelling of continuous or instantaneous oil spills from moving or drifting ships whose slicks merge.
  • Multiple oil spill predictions from different locations.
  • Backward simulations for tracking the source of oil spill pollution.
  • Integration with AIS data, upon the availability of AIS data.
  • Simulation of sub-surface oil spills at any given water depth.
  • Coupling with SAR satellite data, any shape of the slick images from EMSA-CSN, as well as with the ESA data for forward and backwards predictions.
  • Simple GIS to allow the insertion of information on resources and the plotting of various layers such as marine protected areas.
  • Can be used for operational intervention for any user-selected region in the world if the appropriate coastline, bathymetry and meteo-ocean forecast files are provided.