WP2: Dissemination of results


  • Disseminate the wave energy results of the project to the local and international scientific community, end users, decision makers in the energy market and energy politics as well as to international organizations.
  • Training the personnel of local authorities for the optimum use of the wave energy results of the project.

Work Description

  • Organization of an international workshop in Cyprus in which all the partners as well as local authorities will participate. The workshop will be open to all possible interested national or international end users and scientists.
  • A web page will be set up in which all the work of the project will be monitoring
  • Talks on international conferences and workshops will be pursuit.
  • The obtained scientific results  will be published in international journals


  • D4 Proceedings of the international workshop
  • D5  A web page presenting all the activities of the project
  • D6  Papers and presentations at international conferences
  • D7 Research articles presented to international conferences and published in the corresponding proceedings.
  • D8 Proceedings of the meeting(s) with the local authorities-organizations-end user