The development of an integrated, high resolution system for monitoring the energy potential from sea waves at the Exclusive Economical Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus coupled with the well established Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting System (CYCOFOS)

The new system will include:

  • A complete, high resolution digital atlas containing detailed maps for the coastal and offshore areas of the EEZ of Cyprus in which sea wave and wind climatological characteristics as well as the distribution of the wave energy potential will be monitoring.
  • Novel models for the prediction and quantification of wave energy in short and long forecasts horizons, a tool of significant value for grid designers and regulators.
  • A state of the art wave prediction model  will be employed targeting at the high resolution estimation of the sea state characteristics, essential for the energy potential.
  • Novel advanced statistical models will be developed for the estimation of energy distribution.
  • The results of previous EU projects that the partners participated – especially those of MARINA platform, CIRCE (Climate Change and Impact Research: the Mediterranean Environment), POW’WOW (Prediction Of Waves, Wakes and Offshore Wind) and MyOcean – concerning high resolution studies and systems in Mediterranean will be used.
  • The CYCOFOS system and local observations for sea parameters will be utilized for the optimization of the results.