First Year Deliverables

  • D1: Six-monthly Periodic Progress Reports (6, 12)
  • D2: Intermediate report and reports for the monitoring group meetings (4, 8, 12)
  • D5: A web page presenting all the activities of the project (3)
  • D9: The new version of the wave model WAM installed at the US NPS grid super computer and the new servers at the OC-UCY with all of its parameters tuned so to meet the local environment characteristics (6)
  • D10: A technical note describing the new wave model at the new computer environment, the abilities and restrictions of the system (6)
  • D11: A new mathematical model for the optimization and local adaptation of the results of numerical wave predictions (7)
  • D12: A statistical system for the estimation of local energy potential based on sea wave characteristics (8)
  • D13: A technical report describing the development, the technical details and the use of the mathematical-statistical models used for the local adaptation and power estimation (9)