SMOS SMOS Mission Oceanographic Data Exploitation (SMOS-MODE)
PREMARPOL PREMARPOL Prevention and Combating of Marine Pollution in Ports and Marinas
GROOM GROOM Gliders for Research, Ocean Observation and Management, EU FP7
SeaDataNetII SeaDataNetII A Pan European Infrastructure for Oceanographic Data Management, EU FP6
PERSEUS Perseus Policy-oriented marine environmental research in the Southern European Seas, EU FP7
MyOcean 2 MyOcean 2 - Pan-European capacity for Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting
 E-WAVE E-WAVE - Integrated High Resolution System for Monitoring and Quantifying the Wave Energy Potential in the EEZ of Cyprus
MEDESS4MS MEDESS4MS - Mediterranean Decision Support System for Marine Safety
ECOOP ECOOP - European Coastal-shelf sea OPerational observing and forecasting system
SeaDataNet SeaDataNet - A Pan European Infrastructure for Oceanographic Data Management
SESAME SESAME - Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modeling Ecosystem changes
MERSEA-IP MERSEA-IP -Marine Environment and Security for the European Area, Integrated Project
MFSTEP MFSTEP - Mediterranean Forecasting System Towards Environmental Predictions
MERSEA-1 MERSEA-1 - Marine Environment and Security for the European Area
SEA SEARCH SEA-SEARCH - Oceanographic and Marine Data & Information in Europe
ESEAS - RI ESEAS- RI - European Sea Level Service, Research Infrastructure Project
MAMA MAMA - Mediterranean network to Assess and upgrade the Monitoring and forecasting Activities in the region


CYCLOPS - Cycling of Phosphorus in the Mediterranean
MFS MFSPP - Mediterranean Forecasting System Pilot Project
MEDAR MEDAR-MEDATLAS-II - Mediterranean Data Archaeology and Rescue - Mediterranean Hydrological Database