We would like to bring to your attention the products and results of the Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting and Observing System (CYCOFOS), a sub-regional forecasting and observing system in the Eastern Mediterranean Levantine Basin, which covers the coastal and open sea areas of Cyprus, Cilician and Lattakian basins and the Eastern Levantine Base.

CYCOFOS was initially developed by the Cyprus Oceanography Centre in early 2002. The CYCOFOS system is constantly improving within the framework of several European oceanographic research projects promoting the operational oceanography, such as the MFSPP, MFSTEP, MAMA, MERSEA-1, ESEAS-RI, MERSEA-IP. CYCOFOS is related also to operational oceanographic initiatives, such as the EuroGOOS, MedGOOS, MedGLOSS, ESEAS, MOON, MERCY, ECOOP and MYOCEAN.CYCOFOS is the Cyprus contribution to the GMES.

Cyprus Daily Forecast for Today

Click on a point of interest (most popular coastal and recreational areas of Cyprus) to view information regarding sea temperature, sea currents, waves and salinity for today.

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