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SeaMobile apps and website now available

The SeaMobile project aimed to develop an application for increasing the base of tourist and recreational users with dedicated marine data and forecasting services by adopting and promoting mobile touch screen devices as distribution platforms. To achieve this the consortium of

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Profiler Deployment

18 October 2012 The Mooring Profiler was successfully deployed by the a team of the Oceanography Center on 18/10/2012 View Photos

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The 22nd CYBO –Cyprus Basin Oceanography Cruise

August 18 – 27, 2009 The 22nd CYBO –Cyprus Basin Oceanography Cruise in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus, in the South Eastern Levantine, Eastern Mediterranean, from August 18 – 27 has been accomplished successfully, using the vessel “Flying Enterprise” 

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Seagliders deployment

June 3, 2009 The first seagliders have already been deployed by the Cyprus Oceanography Center. You can view our seagliders mission through Google Maps. For more information on gliders visit our Seagliders page .

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